Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke
  • Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke
  • Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke
  • Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke
  • Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke
  • Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke
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Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke

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Product origin China,America

Delivery time 7-15 days

Supply capacity 150,000tons

• Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke filter material is bituminous coal under the condition of the air, heated to 950-950 ℃, after drying, pyrolysis, molten, bonding, solidification and contraction phase made finally.
• High mechanical strength, well developed porous structure, good adsorption performance, long life cycle, strong sewage capability and filtration speed.
• Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke in addition to a large number of used in ironmaking and smelting non-ferrous metal (metallurgical coke), also used in casting, chemical industry, calcium carbide and ferroalloy.

Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke

Products Description

Raw Petroleum Coke Hard Coke is a kind of additives used in steelmaking, casting, is an essential part of raw materials, production of high quality steel electrode paste are in addition to production of raw materials. Recarburizer there are many kinds of raw materials, production process is different, have wood carbon, coal carbon, coke, graphite, etc, among them under various classification and there are a lot of small type. High quality recarburizer generally refers to after graphitization of carburant, under the condition of high temperature, carbon atoms arranged in the microstructure of graphite, so called the graphitization. Graphitization can lower the content of impurities in the carburant, improve the carbon content of carburant, reduce sulfur content; Apply to cast iron (steel) and carbon, grey iron casting high carbon, low sulfur, low water content and the characteristics of low cost and high cost performance.

Petroleum Coke
Fixed Carbon (%)
Ash Content (%)
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Moisture (%)
Volatile Matter (%)

Raw petroleum coke

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Raw petroleum coke


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1. About us: We are factory,and can manufacture the products as customs' requirement. 

2. Quality: We have the professional laboratory. Our high standard test can insure the product quality.
3. Service: Stable product quality , supply the good faith manageme.
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Factory In  Inner Mongolia
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