The trading volume in the petroleum coke market is stabilizing, with some local coking prices rising or falling
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  • The trading volume in the petroleum coke market is stabilizing, with some local coking prices rising or falling

The trading volume in the petroleum coke market is stabilizing, with some local coking prices rising or falling



Stable petroleum coke shipments from its refineries and stable downstream demand; The transportation of medium sulfur petroleum coke in the Yangtze River region is acceptable, and downstream demand is good; The shipment of medium and high sulfur petroleum coke in the East China region is good, and the downstream receiving enthusiasm is high; Stable shipment of high sulfur petroleum coke in South China; The stable trading of petroleum coke in the Shandong region of North China is dominated by refinery shipments; The shipment of high sulfur petroleum coke in the northwest region is stable. The overall trading volume of refineries in Northeast China under PetroChina remained stable today, while the latest bidding price of Liaohe Petrochemical went up month on month yesterday; The petroleum coke market in the northwest region is dominated by stable price shipments today, with refinery inventory mostly at a low level. CNOOC's refineries have performed well in pre holiday shipments, with Taizhou Petrochemical's petroleum coke price slightly increasing by 30 yuan/ton this week.

In terms of local refineries

Today, the main body of the refining petroleum coke market continues to operate steadily, with some medium sulfur (sulfur content within 4.0%) petroleum coke prices continuously declining and shipments improving. The coke price has increased by 10-100 yuan/ton, while the price of high priced petroleum coke has decreased by 40-80 yuan/ton; As the National Day holiday approaches, the inventory of petroleum coke in refineries remains low. However, as the prices of refinery coke gradually stabilize, downstream carbon enterprises begin to enter the market for stocking and procurement, and refineries are gradually signing orders for the National Day period. Today's market volatility: Panjin Baolai's sulfur content has dropped to around 2.9%, and the latest sulfur content of Zhongtian Haoye Phase II is around 3.2%; Shengxing Chemical's sulfur content has decreased to around 3.9-4.1%; The sulfur content of Hualong Refinery has decreased to around 4.2%; The sulfur content of Shida Technology has decreased to around 3.3%.

In terms of imported coke

The overall order shipment volume of imported sponge coke market is in line with the good demand for bullet coke market, and the shipment is acceptable. The shipment volume of Formosa Plastics coke is strong, and the price is firm.

On the supply side

As of September 26th, there are currently three routine inspections of coking plants nationwide, with a daily production of 93095 tons of petroleum coke and a coking operating rate of 73.59%, an increase of 0.31% compared to the previous working day.

In terms of demand

Electrolytic aluminum enterprises in Yunnan continue to release new production capacity, and the overall demand for carbon for aluminum is still acceptable; The trading performance of the negative electrode material market is stable, with downstream procurement mainly based on demand; The demand for petroleum coke in the silicon metal and silicon carbide industries tends to flatten out; The support of graphite electrodes and carburetors for petroleum coke is slightly average.

Future Market Forecast

The overall shipment of petroleum coke in the market is relatively stable, and downstream stocking is active, with many entering the market for procurement. The overall inventory of petroleum coke remains low. Baichuan Yingfu expects that the price of petroleum coke will generally maintain stable operation tomorrow, with some refinery coke prices rising and falling. The main performance is that the prices of medium and low sulfur petroleum coke with improved shipments may continue to decline by 10-20 yuan/ton, while the prices of high sulfur petroleum coke with abundant market supply will mainly remain stable; The shipment of bullet coke in the market is acceptable, and it is expected that the price will stabilize in the short term

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