The downstream maintains purchase on demand, and Petroleum coke market shipments are stable
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  • The downstream maintains purchase on demand, and Petroleum coke market shipments are stable

The downstream maintains purchase on demand, and Petroleum coke market shipments are stable



The shipments of Petroleum coke from its refineries and medium sulfur Petroleum coke from the regions along the river are acceptable, and downstream enterprises are highly motivated to receive the goods; The Petroleum coke with medium and high sulfur in East China is shipped well. The Petroleum coke of Jinling Petrochemical is shipped according to 3 # C, and Gaoqiao Petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical and Shanghai Petrochemical are shipped according to 4 # B. The coking unit of PetroChina's northeast refinery Daqing Petrochemical Company started to produce coke yesterday. Petroleum coke of Daqing Petrochemical Company and Fushun Petrochemical Company was sold at the latest price in August. Today is the end of the month, and some northeast refineries were unveiled in July; The Petroleum coke market in northwest China today has a stable turnover, and the refinery inventory is at a low level. All refineries under CNOOC maintained stable trading today, and shipments were still acceptable.


In terms of local refineries

From the weekend to today, the overall shipment of local refining Petroleum coke market is relatively ordinary. Today's market price is lower than that of the main players, and the coke price of individual refineries has increased by 20-200 yuan/ton. The benchmark price of pre baked anode in August was the same as that in July. In addition, the early local coking price has continued to rise. Downstream enterprises have not reduced their wait-and-see mood, and the speed of receiving goods has slowed down. Most refineries have purchased on demand, and some refineries have implemented the early order shipment volume. Part of today's market fluctuations: Xinyue Chemical has been suspended for maintenance since July 30th; Huaxiang started coke production today, with the latest sulfur content of 2.4%.


In terms of imported coke

The shipment of imported Petroleum coke is acceptable, the traders are willing to ship, the port Petroleum coke destocking is obvious, and the port stock level continues to decline.


On the supply side

As of July 31, there were 13 routine overhauls of coking units nationwide. The daily output of Petroleum coke nationwide was 85380 tons, and the coking operation rate was 70.91%, an increase of 0.09% over the previous working day.


In terms of demand

The production capacity of electrolytic aluminum is gradually releasing, and the overall demand for carbon for aluminum is still acceptable; Maintaining the graphite electrode market requires procurement; The negative electrode market demand is gradually recovering; The demand for metal silicon and silicon carbide is relatively weak, and the market procurement enthusiasm is still average.


Future Market Forecast

In the early stage, the price of Petroleum coke kept rising, and downstream enterprises became more wait-and-see, mainly purchasing on demand. Therefore, Baichuan Yingfu expected that in the short term, the price of petroleum coke would fluctuate in a narrow range, with a partial adjustment of 20-200 yuan/ton.

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