The price of graphitized coke carburizer continues to be weak and demand is poor

The price of graphitized coke carburizer continues to be weak and demand is poor


On April 8, the mainstream market price of China's graphitized coke recarburizer continued to be weak, with the reference price of 4,300 yuan/ton, which was the same as yesterday's price. The cost side price has not fluctuated greatly, the downstream demand side has performed poorly, steel mills' production enthusiasm has dropped, and profits have been compressed, suppressing the price of carburizing agent, and the prices of carburizing agent companies are mostly stable. Baichuan Yingfu's domestic graphitized carburizer (C≥98%, S≤0.05%, particle size: 1-5mm) mainstream price is 4200-4400 yuan/ton; semi-graphitized carburizer (C≥98%, S≤0.3 %, particle size: 1-5mm) The mainstream price is 3600-3800 yuan/ton.

Supply side:

Most companies of graphitized coke carburizer are operating normally, some companies are operating at low load, and the output of individual companies has increased, and the market supply is relatively good.

Upstream market:

Calcined petroleum coke: The medium- and high-sulfur calcined coke market is trading steadily, with price support at the raw material end still in place, downstream purchases maintaining rigid demand, and mainstream market prices remaining stable.

Downstream market:

Steel: Steel prices have continued to fall, profits of steel companies have shrunk, production enthusiasm has dropped, some steel plants have implemented shutdown maintenance plans, steel plants have not started well, and the demand for graphitized carburizers has not been well supported.

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