Shipments in the refining market were stable, and coke prices rose and fell

Shipments in the refining market were stable, and coke prices rose and fell


Market Overview

This week, the overall shipment of refined petroleum coke market was stable, and the coke price rose and fell. The price of some high-priced petroleum coke continued to fall by 80-450 yuan / ton, and the low-priced petroleum coke began to rise, with a range of 10-100 yuan / ton. At present, in order to save refining costs, local refineries purchase low-cost crude oil, resulting in the deterioration of the overall quality of petroleum coke in the market. Superimposed Port imported petroleum coke is mainly medium and high sulfur coke. The supply of medium and high sulfur petroleum coke in the market is abundant, and the downstream receiving mood is general, so purchase on demand; Petroleum coke with low sulfur and low vanadium is still in short supply, and the market demand is good. However, due to the weak market of electrolytic aluminum, the wait-and-see mentality of downstream aluminum carbon enterprises has increased, and most of them are based on demand procurement. Petroleum coke shipments in Northeast China were good, and coke prices continued to rise this week.

Supply side

As of July 21, there were 7 conventional maintenance times for the local refining and coking unit. This week, Fuhai Hualian coking unit was started without coking, and Wudi Xinyue coking unit was shut down for maintenance. As of Thursday this week, the daily output of refined petroleum coke was 31400 tons, and the operating rate of refined petroleum coke was 59.41%, which was basically stable compared with last week.

Demand side

Aluminum prices continued to fall this week, and the profit space of electrolytic aluminum enterprises continued to be compressed. Although the inventory of petroleum coke, the raw material of downstream carbon enterprises, was low, they mostly received goods on demand. Enterprises received goods more cautiously and had a strong wait-and-see mentality.


This week, the overall shipment of the local refinery is general, and the downstream purchases on demand. At present, the inventory of petroleum coke is at a medium high level.

Price aspect

As of this Thursday, the mainstream transaction price of low sulfur petroleum coke (within 1.0% sulfur) is 6350-6950 yuan / ton, medium sulfur petroleum coke (about 3.0% sulfur) is 3300-5000 yuan / ton, and high sulfur petroleum coke (about 4.5% sulfur) is 2350-2620 yuan / ton.

Aftermarket forecast

The Federal Reserve continued to hawkish raise interest rates, crude oil prices fluctuated, electrolytic aluminum prices were general, and downstream carbon enterprises were more cautious in receiving goods and bought more on demand, but the supply of petroleum coke resources with good trace elements in the market was tight, and low vanadium petroleum coke shipments were acceptable; Baichuan Yingfu expects the coking price to be stable in the mainstream next week, with some low-priced coke prices rising and high prices falling.

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