Factors affecting professional recarburizer

Factors affecting professional recarburizer


The quality of carbon additive is not good, which will bring great loss to the enterprise, the absorption is slow, the absorption rate is low, and the cost increases;Cause unnecessary waste, other harmful elements will affect the quality of the product, resulting in losses.According to the raw materials and production process of recarburizer, the price is also very different.

professional carbon additive?

General recarburizer in the fixed carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, ash content will directly affect the quality of carbon additive, also directly affect the use effect of carbon additive

We generally hope that the fixed carbon content of the recarburizer is high and the ash content is low. The high ash content will not only increase the operation time and labor costs, but also reduce the efficiency of the recarburizer (GPC and CPC).Hope recarburizer sulfur and nitrogen content in the lower, because the nitrogen content is too high will produce nitrogen air hole, nitrogen porosity is one of the common defects in castings production process, the sulfur in general is a harmful element, reduce the ductility and toughness of steel, therefore in the use of nitrogen content in the carburant general requirements is less than 0.02%, sulfur content is less than 0.055%.

Therefore, Jiacarbine always strictly abide by the Q/PJH 00001-2015 standards, according to the use of customer needs to develop a number of high-carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen carburant products, these products to improve the quality of products in the metallurgical industry, reduce consumption played a positive role, become the first choice of the major enterprises in recent years when production.

To produce professional recarburizer production process is what?

There are many kinds of carburizers, that is graphite petroleum coke (artificial graphite),calcined petroleum coke, semi graphite petroleum coke and calcined anthracite coal, and the production process is also different. According to years of experience, Jiatan summed up that each carbon particle of the carburizer goes through 12 processes to realize the treatment of the micro channels in the carbon particle. In this way, the carburizer produced not only has high carbon, low sulfur and low nitrogen, but also greatly improves the super permeability of the carburizer, so as to improve the high-speed flux and absorption rate, Has been for all kinds of customers in the premise of quality assurance, cost savings. 

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