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    CPC|Calcined Petroleum Coke Used As Recarburizer

    CPC|Calcined Petroleum Coke Used As Recarburizer

    suitable for use in an induction furnace melting,using a slightly different method according to the specific process requirements of each unit. (1) Intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting,can add into the furnace in the lower part according to the ratio of carbon equivalent requirements or material with the recovery rate up to 95%. (2)After melting is completed,if the carbon content isn’t enough that needs to adjust, first remove furnace slag,then add carbon agent, through heating up of molten iron by electromagnetic stirring or artificial stirring to dissolve the carbon to be absorbed with the recovery up to 90%.If apply low temperature carbon growth process,that only part of charge is melted with lower melting temperature of molten iron,then add all recarburizer in liquid iron, also with a solid charge pressed it into liquid iron do not let it exposed on the surface.In this method it can reach more than 1.0% carbon of iron liquid

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