Carbon raiser GPC
  • High Carbon Graphite Carbon Raiser GPC

    High Carbon Graphite Carbon Raiser GPC

    (1)High carbon : High purity 98.5-99.5% (2)Low sulphur : 0.01% ~ 0.05%. Low sulphur and stable distribution can effectively reduce the adverse effect of sulphur in spheroidizing and pregnant process to the alloy, and it saves the cost. (3)Low nitrogen : nitrogen content 50 PPM ~ 300 PPM(0.005%-0.03%) (4)High carbon recovery: 92- 98%. (5)Fast absorption speed: it's easily dissolve in the molten iron. (6)High graphite crystal nucleus and high graphitization degree: it can reduce the iron liquid contraction tendency and improve the mechanical properties of casting. (7)It may increase the dosage of scrap steel and reduce the demand of pig-iron or even without adding pig iron. It may well effectively avoid the heredity of pig iron to affect the casting. (8)Stable carburetion, good absorption rate and distinct temperature-lifting effect: There is no return slag. It can effectively protect and lengthen the furnace life and reduce the consumption of the furnace lining.

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